How it works

The sturdy, safe and innovative sensor uses ultrasonic pulses to constantly measure the levels in your tank.

It collects this information, and then via a built-in SIM card, transmits this data to our Kingspan Sensor data centre.

This data then flows into your personal online dashboard, which shows your current oil level in a range of formats.

Features Include;

  • Sudden Drop Alert
  • Low Level Alert
  • Liquid Level (% + Litres)
  • Consumption Data
  • Projected Run Out Date
  • Fill Volume

You can personalise how and when you want to receive information on your tank levels and view this information on your dashboard using any computer, tablet or smartphone.

By downloading our Free App - you can also receive this information directly onto your smart phone. It’s easy to check-in, and you can do it from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night.